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1 January
Free Country
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I am homestarrunner. I am a terrific athlete. Coach Z is my coach and he says I'm the best. I have a girlfriend and her name is Marzipan. I LOVE to drink melonade and hang out w/ my best friend Pom-Pom. We always win competitions against StrongBad and his brother StrongMad and The Cheat. There is always something going on in Free Country, USA. Bub's stand always has some good drinks, the Poopsmith is always shoveling some... well, you know... for the K.O.T., and Strongbad and his gang are always trying to get in some kind of trouble. That's about it.

Hewe's Some Cool Stuffs:

Spin and Say
Everybody to the Limit

**Homestarrunner is kinda stupid, so if he ever says something that makes NO sense, don't worry! it's totaly normal for him. He is a tall white character with a blue hat that has a propeller on it, and a red shirt with a big white star in the middle of it. He doesn't really have arms that you can see, he just sorta has things he's "holding" floating where his arms would be.**

Disclaimer: Homestarrunner is NOT mine... he belongs to "The Brother's Chap" the kats who MADE Homestarrunner.com. Go check it out! it's fun.